Linda Norris-Waldt

About Linda

Linda Norris-Waldt is a passionate, active member of her community, ready to serve to improve life for all.

I’m Linda Norris-Waldt, and I have lived since 1986 in Frederick County; for 25 years in Mountaindale, north of Frederick and south of Thurmont, and the past three years in Middletown, just a stone’s throw from Myersville. My wonderful family includes two daughters, a stepson and stepdaughter, husband Eric, and my mom, who lives in Frederick,and two sisters, one near Seattle and one in London. My family loves to travel, with a sprinkling of sports and outdoors activities.
Being a mom of daughters has led me to be a Girl Scout leader for many years, as well as a catechist, and a proud marching band uniform mom.

My career background includes:
Being  a reporter for four different daily print news organizations; ten years as director of the Frederick County Office of Recycling, and a decade of marketing communications for a local steel manufacturer.  In the last position I headed up the company’s community relations activities, dealing with media and customer relations while focusing on engineering practices and green building, and event planning.

I know how to delegate and pride myself on hiring people with the expertize to get things done correctly. I recommended that our company hire a Salesforce consultant when this cutting edge cloud technology was first introduced as having the best CMS. Although it is true that no software programming is necessary to configure Salesforce, there are configurable elements that need to be set, in conjunction with the user's profile. I felt that our IT team needed guidance with the configurations since we needed to utilize the data from our older, existing databases, ERP and CRM systems. The outside team I ended up hiring offered detailed guidance to configure the Salesforce platform to our existing work flow. They initiated our implementation by first configuring as much as possible with what is already built into this cloud-based application. However we also had some additional requirements that were not part of our Salesforce org. "No problem" said our consultants, "customizing Salesforce to your needs is one of our strengths." And they created custom applications with attributes that help increase user productivity, improve data quality, and automated manual processes. Salesforce turned out to be all it was poported to be. It streamlined our business processes and maximized the company's services with excellent solutions that increased revenues.

I have been a member of the Frederick Women’s Business Network, Green Building Council, the Business Networking International,  and the International Association of Business Communications.

My expertise is in communications; writing, research, public relations and marketing, a field in which I currently work for the US Composting Council, based in Bethesda. I love getting involved in the “extracurricular” activities of business, including the Frederick County and Middletown Chamber of Commerce. I still operate my freelance writing and PR business, NW Communications, through which I became involved in a great co-working venture, the Business Factory of Frederick, where I was a charter member. I am a devoted Catholic, and transferred from my longtime parish at St. Peter the Apostle in Libertytown to Holy Family Catholic Community in Middletown, where I have made many friends and serve as a lector. My community volunteer work over the years, aside from my activities as a mom, have been spent volunteering in the areas of faith programs, sustainability & environment, and projects for under-served populations. I’m blessed with a generous circle of women friends to support me, especially the coaches and friends I’ve made through Wholistic Woman Retreats**. In my spare time, you may find me running the roads and trails of Frederick County; reading about history, politics or novels; or working in my flower or vegetable garden.

**What is the Wholistic Coaching Coalition?

The Wholistic Coaching Coalition is a dynamic and genuine group of certified coaches trained in personal and professional development. Through their skillful leadership, they teach and guide women to greater fulfillment via retreats, workshops, and speaking engagements.


I Believe that….

Your Community

 Local government must be responsive to the culture of the local Frederick County community.It empowers and shape sthe community’s partnership with arts organizations, businesses, non-profit organizations, churches and volunteer groups. The way local government spends money on things that affect our community’s culture is critical.

As a well-established community volunteer, I am passionate about the need for local government to reflect the values of our citizens, help groups and organizations accomplish their goals through leveraged grants and other funding, and be cognizant of ways that our arts, education, sports and recreation programs advance led by volunteers and businesses, not government. Government programs and agencies must also reflect the values of our community.

Your Life

Local government can make life smooth or difficult, costly or thrifty, full of variety or lacking opportunities. Think about a typical Friday morning in January: on public roads, the snow is cleared by a state or county run (or contracted) snowplow; the bagel you pick up in the local coffee shop is safe to eat because the facility is checked randomly by health inspectors; the police officer that pulled over the speeder is a county sheriff’s deputy.